Hourly Rates

1 hour$4
2 hours$6
8 hours$20

Any unused time remains on your account for future use.

Hourly rate packages cannot be split between more than one account.

Happy Hour Rate

$3 for 1 hour between 3 PM and 6 PM every day!

Please note that rates are calculated when you’re using the time, not when you buy it, so if you spend $3 at 5 PM (during Happy Hour) but don’t use it until 8 PM, it only gets you 45 minutes.

Special Passes

Day Pass$16
Night Owl$12
Week Pass$65

Passes give you unlimited time within the specified time frame.

The Night Owl pass is valid for the last 6 hours the store is open.

Headphone Rentals

Headphones are rented separately. Just 50¢ for the whole day!

Alternatively, you’re welcome to use your own headphones.